Episode 103 - Sitcom Comedy

It’s a sad week for series finales and Chad is living in his feelings. Both YOU’RE THE WORST and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND are leaving the airwaves for good. Meanwhile, JORDAN PEELE brings his new TWILIGHT ZONE to CBS ALL ACCESS and it’s passable but a slog. Then, Chad covers ONE DAY AT A TIME possibly getting revived on another streaming network; the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE saving Netflix from the Oscars; and the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA’s fight against their agents.

Stephen Falk interview with The AV Club

One Day At A Time could go to CBS All Access

YouTube knew about toxic videos, didn’t allow reporting

DOJ steps in to protect Netflix from Oscars

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air - The Writers Guild of America Fight With Travon Free

Scriptnotes - Twenty Questions About the Agency Agreement

Episode 101 - One Cancellation at a Time

Fresh off of finally doing some work on a set, Chad takes to the mic to discuss topics no one cares about. These include HULU's PEN15 and SHRILL -- two obscenely funny shows about women working their way to power. One is about two 30 year olds playing teenage versions of themselves while the other is about a fat female writer struggling to fit in to a skinny world. Also on the docket: GOOGLE FIBER bowing out of a city it started in; LILY SINGH getting a late night show on NBC; SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE being accused of stealing two sketches; NETFLIX cancelling the greatest show on the platform -- ONE DAY AT A TIME -- and the reason behind all of the recent cancellations of shows with three seasons. Boy, is it a doozy.

The bad side of Google Fiber and abandoned projects

Lily Singh taking Carson Daly’s time slot

SNL accused of stealing two sketches from NY comedy team

“One Day At A Time” canceled

The reason Netflix cancels shows

Episode 99 - Issue a Tweet

Clad in jeans and his favorite flannel, Chad takes to the mic to cover the topics he loves. JASON WITTEN returns to the Cowboys; EA and BioWare's ANTHEM crashes PS4s; STEVEN SPIELBERG craps on Netflix's Oscar win; and DISNEY trying to gain controlling shares of HULU and 4,000 job casualties of the DISNEY/FOX merger are imminent. Chad's got so much free time on his hands. Too much time. Oh God, someone help him!

Jason Witten returns to the Cowboys

Unretired NFL players

Other sports stars that came out of retirement

Anthem bricks consoles

Spielberg craps on Netflix

Netflix responds

Disney trying to acquire WarnerMedia’s 10% of Hulu

Fox employees ready for Disney empire by running away

Episode 96 - We'll Give It To Ya, Baby!

Guess who's back? Back in the studio! Chad is back! Tell...no one? Finally returning to the studio, Chad plants his tiny waist on the futon to stumble through a handful of topics. THE LEGO MOVIE: THE SECOND PART didn't do too hot at the box office; FX must do something about its show output in the streaming era; TIVO isn't the ad killer we all thought it was; and female led films took a bite out of the 2018 release slate.

Stay tuned to the end of the show to hear a never-berfore-heard clip from comedian Greg Stone's comedy album, THE AMAZING GREG STONE!

LEGO Movie 2 didn’t perform well

FX needs to confront streaming

DVR’s aren’t ad killers

Films with Female Leads Tick Upwards

Episode 91 - Before We Get Started

Chad's back in the car for this week's episode. This time, he's parked outside of a coffee shop he just went to. Also there is a dog park. Nevertheless, he persisted. Plus: HULU reaches 25 millions subscribers; ROKU's stock hits new highs (after some lows); and NETFLIX's most watched shows aren't the ones it owns...which means, once the contracts are up, the streamer is going to be in trouble. You're going to be in trouble if you don't listen to this episode, dang it!

Hulu has 25 million subs

Roku stock skyrockets

Netflix doesn't own any of its top streamed shows