Episode 104 - I Wish I Was Kidding

Chad returns after two weeks to give you two new episodes! This is part one of two that he recorded back to back.

First run movies in-home for $3,000:


Digital music bad for the environment:


Ron Funches’s take on Netflix specials:


Hasan Minhaj is doing more investigative journalism with “Patriot Act:”


FX gets off network rights to Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers:


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Lionsgate deal is bad news for their Sony shows:


Episode 94 - Woo Woo, Clap Clap

Boom clap! The sound of your (podcast) app! The talking goes on and on and on and on and! Coming to you from [REDACTED LOCATION] -- close to [REDACTED LOCATION] -- Chad is breaking all the rules in order to drop this show like it's hot. In a hurried manner, our boy covers NBC and The Rock's TITAN GAMES; CONAN's new half hour format; BUZZFEED laying off 15% of its workforce; Fox's terrible decision to air the terrible RENT: LIVE; and ABC's The Goldberg's spinoff, SCHOOLED, and why it's a show that was gentrified from its original premise. All that only on- Did you hear that?! Someone's coming! Gotta blast!

Check out part of Chad's interview with RON FUNCHES at the end! It should be up on the site by the end of the week! Exclamation points!

Buzzfeed lays off 15% of workforce

Rent Live footage from show after actor breaks foot