Episode 103 - Sitcom Comedy

It’s a sad week for series finales and Chad is living in his feelings. Both YOU’RE THE WORST and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND are leaving the airwaves for good. Meanwhile, JORDAN PEELE brings his new TWILIGHT ZONE to CBS ALL ACCESS and it’s passable but a slog. Then, Chad covers ONE DAY AT A TIME possibly getting revived on another streaming network; the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE saving Netflix from the Oscars; and the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA’s fight against their agents.

Stephen Falk interview with The AV Club

One Day At A Time could go to CBS All Access

YouTube knew about toxic videos, didn’t allow reporting

DOJ steps in to protect Netflix from Oscars

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air - The Writers Guild of America Fight With Travon Free

Scriptnotes - Twenty Questions About the Agency Agreement

Episode 70 - Wallowing in the Disco

Time for an honesty check: Chad is sad. But he's allowing himself to live within the sadness. It's probably healthy. Maybe it's not. He didn't want to do this today. He spent the night watching seven episodes of YOU'RE THE WORST and other romcoms. Plus he covers the penultimate season of VOLTRON. And he made a call to the YO, IS THIS RACIST? podcast. The he covers why celebrity chef restaurants are failing.

Celebrity chef owned restaurants are doing poorly: 


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Episode 32 - Schur Party

Gobble gobble, listeners. It's Turkey week so here's an episode that makes no mention of Thanksgiving. Chad talks about the return of TBS's "Search Party." He also saw "Girls Trip" and "Annabelle Creation." Plus, a discussion on the shows that influence his writing. And Mike Schur is highlighted. What a packed show.