Episode 102 - The Apple Cartel

Podcasting never felt so good. Except for all the sniffles. Chad is stung up by spring allergies but not even a stuffy nose can stop him. Except when it hinders his sleep. Then he's stopped. This week's topics include the TONIGHT SHOW shooting an entire episode with the Samsung Galaxy S10+; YOUTUBE exiting the premium TV game; and a lengthy discussion about APPLE's foray into subscription streaming, news and gaming services. Also, neti pots don't work. I hate them.

Entire episode of Tonight Show shot with Samsung S10

All new Apple services (News+, TV+)

Apple News+ is a bad deal for publishers

YouTube makes up 40% of mobile web traffic

YouTube officially out of streaming

Episode 85 - Dare Say I

Chad's in another weird place (physically) again as he records this episode in his car. Is this what having a real job is like? Also on the show: JASON MANTZOUKAS in THE LONG DUMB ROAD; the bubbly and treacherous SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER; and ESPN+'s late night meets sports news show ALWAYS LATE WITH KATIE NOLAN. Plus: Chad's hybrid car model -- CHEVY VOLT -- has been outmoded. And YOUTUBE PREMIUM is going freemium less than a year after rebranding.

The death of the Volt

YouTube shows go free