Episode 95 - Podcasting Slate

The Super Bowl was in Atlanta this year and Chad got a chance to go to the game. He had a blast! Some other stuff happened this week too like AMBER RUFFIN scoring a pilot on NBC; DISNEY's move into streaming; THE SIMPSONS getting renewed; robot journalists; and SPOTIFY making money moves.

Amber Ruffin pilot on NBC

Disney’s move into streaming

The Simpsons renewed for seasons 31 and 32

Robot reporters

Spotify to purchase Gimlet

Spotify is finally profitable

Spotify is a multi-audio-media giant

Episode 94 - Woo Woo, Clap Clap

Boom clap! The sound of your (podcast) app! The talking goes on and on and on and on and! Coming to you from [REDACTED LOCATION] -- close to [REDACTED LOCATION] -- Chad is breaking all the rules in order to drop this show like it's hot. In a hurried manner, our boy covers NBC and The Rock's TITAN GAMES; CONAN's new half hour format; BUZZFEED laying off 15% of its workforce; Fox's terrible decision to air the terrible RENT: LIVE; and ABC's The Goldberg's spinoff, SCHOOLED, and why it's a show that was gentrified from its original premise. All that only on- Did you hear that?! Someone's coming! Gotta blast!

Check out part of Chad's interview with RON FUNCHES at the end! It should be up on the site by the end of the week! Exclamation points!

Buzzfeed lays off 15% of workforce

Rent Live footage from show after actor breaks foot

Episode 93 - Dark Pheenus

Not even rain or being forced to record in the car (again) can stop this bad boy of podcasting! Chad returns to the mic to discuss a litany of topics including what will happen to THE SIMPSONS after the DISNEY/FOX merger and all those OSCAR nominations. Plus, Chad tries to avoid eye contact with the large amount of people that walk by his car as he talks to himself. What else is new?!

The Simpsons post- Disney/Fox Merger

Lee Unkrich leaving Pixar

New Mutants movie delayed again, might go to Hulu

Steven Soderbergh's next movie for Netflix

Oscar nominations

Nominations by studio


Episode 92 - The Life Moves So Fast

A whole slew of news chewed its way into the zeitgeist this week. Chad dissects them all one by one by one by one by- you get the picture. Topics include the HULU and NETFLIX FYRE FESTIVAL documentaries that made their way onto the services within a few days of each other; streaming becoming just as pricey as cable; NBCUNIVERSAL heavily hinting about their upcoming streaming service; CBS FILMS disbanding and a focus on streaming; VIACOM laying off PARAMOUNT NETWORK staffers; and VICELAND's new two hour variety show and how it's a last hurrah for the network.

CBS Films folding, focus on streaming

NBCU wants "The Office" back from Netflix, aims for streaming service

Streaming is getting pricier than cable

Hulu beats Netflix to punch with Fyre Festival doc

The two Fyre Festival docs review

Viacom lays off staffers

Viceland's new daily 2 hour show

Episode 91 - Before We Get Started

Chad's back in the car for this week's episode. This time, he's parked outside of a coffee shop he just went to. Also there is a dog park. Nevertheless, he persisted. Plus: HULU reaches 25 millions subscribers; ROKU's stock hits new highs (after some lows); and NETFLIX's most watched shows aren't the ones it owns...which means, once the contracts are up, the streamer is going to be in trouble. You're going to be in trouble if you don't listen to this episode, dang it!

Hulu has 25 million subs

Roku stock skyrockets

Netflix doesn't own any of its top streamed shows