Episode 98 - Periods R Good

As Dr. Dre once rapped, Chad has "been in the lab with a pen and a pad!" Except everything said on this show is completely made up! Not the news parts, those are real. Chad skims over the OSCARS and mostly craps on "Green Book;" DESUS & MERO's new Showtime show (also titled "Desus & Mero" like their Viceland show); high priced APPLE recognizing its high prices; and working as a mom in the broadcast news!

Oscars winners

Apple COO recognizes Apple’s high prices

Being a mom in television news

Baby Reporters

Episode 97 - Daddy Bezos

Big things are happening and Chad's back recording in the car. Only one of those is true. Do you like movies? Because this whole episode is about movies. Most of it any way. Our boy covers the whole, terrible JUSSIE SMOLLETT situation; the ACADEMY's tumultuous road through the 2019 award season; and how head of AMAZON STUDIOS JENNIFER SALKE plans on making the video service number one.

Jussie Smollett timeline

The Academy says it will air all of the awards

Academy drops non-famous people

Jennifer Salke's plans for Amazon vs Netflix

Amazon's Sundance deals

Episode 96 - We'll Give It To Ya, Baby!

Guess who's back? Back in the studio! Chad is back! Tell...no one? Finally returning to the studio, Chad plants his tiny waist on the futon to stumble through a handful of topics. THE LEGO MOVIE: THE SECOND PART didn't do too hot at the box office; FX must do something about its show output in the streaming era; TIVO isn't the ad killer we all thought it was; and female led films took a bite out of the 2018 release slate.

Stay tuned to the end of the show to hear a never-berfore-heard clip from comedian Greg Stone's comedy album, THE AMAZING GREG STONE!

LEGO Movie 2 didn’t perform well

FX needs to confront streaming

DVR’s aren’t ad killers

Films with Female Leads Tick Upwards

Episode 95 - Podcasting Slate

The Super Bowl was in Atlanta this year and Chad got a chance to go to the game. He had a blast! Some other stuff happened this week too like AMBER RUFFIN scoring a pilot on NBC; DISNEY's move into streaming; THE SIMPSONS getting renewed; robot journalists; and SPOTIFY making money moves.

Amber Ruffin pilot on NBC

Disney’s move into streaming

The Simpsons renewed for seasons 31 and 32

Robot reporters

Spotify to purchase Gimlet

Spotify is finally profitable

Spotify is a multi-audio-media giant

Episode 94 - Woo Woo, Clap Clap

Boom clap! The sound of your (podcast) app! The talking goes on and on and on and on and! Coming to you from [REDACTED LOCATION] -- close to [REDACTED LOCATION] -- Chad is breaking all the rules in order to drop this show like it's hot. In a hurried manner, our boy covers NBC and The Rock's TITAN GAMES; CONAN's new half hour format; BUZZFEED laying off 15% of its workforce; Fox's terrible decision to air the terrible RENT: LIVE; and ABC's The Goldberg's spinoff, SCHOOLED, and why it's a show that was gentrified from its original premise. All that only on- Did you hear that?! Someone's coming! Gotta blast!

Check out part of Chad's interview with RON FUNCHES at the end! It should be up on the site by the end of the week! Exclamation points!

Buzzfeed lays off 15% of workforce

Rent Live footage from show after actor breaks foot