Steven Soderbergh and HBO are testing the bounds of storytelling!

"In Full Frontal and K Street, I learned to take advantage of the mobility that digital provides. "
-Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh's latest series, "Mosaic," invites you to lead the narrative. No, really. Viewers can download an app and watch the story unfold right in front of their eyes. Or you can watch the show live on HBO. Find out how it all works only on News Time. Also, Netflix and Spotify are tracking what you're watching but making cute ads out of the information. Is it cute or creepy? 

Goodbye Spike TV...Hello Paramount Network!

-Spike TV, RIP 1983-2018

Spike TV is on its way out and Paramount Network is coming to replace it. Prestige television is the goal so prepare for more event series, more mini series and more boobs (but, you know, for story purposes) than ever before. Paramount Network is meant to be the new niche channel to go up against TNT, USA and the like. It’s launching in a few days. Learn what to expect to see only on News Time!

Networks, Buzzfeed, & Cracked take a soft reboot!


Reboots and revivals are beginning to take over TV as nostalgia makes a comeback. News Time will take a look at what makes the difference between the two and why they exist heavily right now. In our second story, we’ll analyze why popular websites like Buzzfeed, Mashable, Cracked and podcast host Feral Audio laid off hundreds of workers or shut down entirely.