A eulogy for Moviepass!

Hello. This is the last News Time for the year. Additionally, it's also the last story I will ever do about Moviepass. It's been a whirlwind of fun covering the crap show that is Mitch Lowe's current cash grab but it's time to hang up the Mastercard. Goodbye, Moviepass. We hardly knew ye.

Disney and Pixar's (people of) color problem!

Disney and Pixar are plum out of executives of color. As four black execs leave the company, the numbers begin to dwindle. Just because Disney promotes diversity verbally -- like most of Hollywood -- that doesn't necessarily mean they're practicing it. News Time tackles the lack of color behind and in front of the camera...again. For, like, the tenth time. This is getting tedious, guys.

Megyn Kelly vs NBC! Execs vs ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX! The Battle for Broadcast is on!

Megyn Kelly has been in the news as of late but not on the side of the desk she's usually on. The prolific host and contributor has been known to say some racey things (typically involving race) so what happened at NBC was no surprise. Now, Kelly and NBC are battling it out over her remaining money from the last part of her contract, which is over $30 million. Yikes! And ABC lost Channing Dungey -- the network's first black black president -- after a little over two years. She joins CBS's Les Moonves, NBC's Robert Greenblatt, and Fox's Gary Newman -- all of whom stepped down for one reason or another this year alone. How can these broadcasters defy streaming's growing hold over audiences? Politics aside, this episode of News Time is very well done. Right? Find out the answers only on...I already said the name. You know what you were getting into.