Episode 53 - Bojack Horseman Ofcourseman

"Bojack Horseman" is only mentioned in passing in this episode but this title was too good to pass up. Chad talks about seeing "Blockers" in a theater alone; appearing in his friend Dr3w's "Lemon" music video and not fitting in; new music from Jason Aldean, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj; and how Netflix's "Lost In Space" continue's the network's mark of flash over substance.

This episode is sort of brought to you by OZY Fest taking place in New York on July 21 and 22.

Episode 52 - 52 Titles

It's been a whole year since Chad started this podcast. Can you believe it? To celebrate, he talks about the troublesome response The Simpsons had for Hari Kondabolu's "The Problem with Apu" in this week's episode. Not surprisingly, he sides with Hari. He also covers the new set of Digimon movies under "Digimon Adventure tri" and Drake's hot new hit "Nice For What." Finally, for the anniversary, Chad tries to remember what each episode of this podcast is about based on their titles alone. 

Episode 51 - A Literal Cost

Chad went on a date and now he's feeling himself (which is why he should totally be going on dates...). They went to a nice restaurant in Atlanta. Sushi is good, you guys. Also, Chad played "Far Cry 5," the year's first great open world game until the next one. And he covers the fall of The Attack and the Kevin Pereira viewbotting pseudo-scandal. 

Episode 50 - Zen Diaries of Power Rangers

The new "Power Rangers" movie wasn't half bad. In fact, Chad spends upwards of half of this episode talking about it. Where is his life going? He also covers Judd Apatow's "Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling;" the one time he served actor Bruce Greenwood at a restaurant, and the slow fall of the remaining Blockbusters.

Episode 49 - Christ, Jesus

Chad has been compared - several times - to Sterling K. Brown, William Jackson Harper and Lamorne Morris and he is gladly accepting of it. But he's trying to not let it all go to his head. Just kidding; he's showing off like the butt he is. Chad also watched "Table 19," "Final Space," "The Detour," and "Game Night." Plus he talks about why reviewing some shows are more difficult than others. And finally, Migos is the new NWA. That is all.