Episode 40 - LITtle Despicable Sexes

Chad wasted a Friday night watching "Despicable Me 3." Good Lord he hated it. But the "Battle of the Sexes" bio-flick was good. Also, sadly, Maria Bamford's Netflix series was canceled so Chad eugoogoolizes it. And he saw "It (2017)." Finally, why the heck are there so many "Little Women" shows?!

Episode 37 - The Things (TV) Carried

One day after Christmas, we're back at it. Chad talks about some stuff and some other stuff and probably some more stuff. Did he record this ahead of time? Barely. Is he writing the description with no idea of what he talked about? Basically. This week, he discusses the shows he didn't get a chance to talk about during his +Five reccomendations News Time episode. Also: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, mother!, & more!

Episode 36 - Big Little Atomic Blonde

Chad goes over what a limited series actually is in today's packed TV world. He also talks about the new season of "Trollhunters," "Atomic Blonde," and the overt awkwardness of "Ingrid Goes West." Then he speanks on why the next three episodes of News Time are shot in bulk. Maybe he mentions Christmas at some point. I don't know. He's writing this part ahead of time.