Episode 30 - Memory Screen

Chad talks about TBS's new version of "Joker's Wild" hosted by Snoop Dogg and "Drop The Mic," a spin off from "The Late Late Show." Both are adequate shows. Then, he talks about why he collects movie tickets and what he plans on doing with them. And things get serious as he discusses a new study from Color of Change in regards to the small amount of women and people of color in charge of TV shows. It's not good, guys.

Episode 29 - Treat or Treat

Chad went to a party. It was fun. He also found out that Redbox is selling Disney movie download codes for cheap. Then he saw the LEGO Ninjago movie by himself like a real creep. He also asks the question "Why was the SNL David S. Pumpkins Haloween special aired once at 11:30 PM on Saturday and never scheduled for a time where its audience (kids) can watch?" Finally, he talks about the worst DC TV universe characters. Boy, do they suck.

Episode 28 - A Homecoming for the Female Covenant

Chad thinks it's high time we celebrate the women in entertainment who are creating shows and movies. There should be more of them but we also have to cherish those doing work right now. Also: Chad finally saw Alien Covenant and Spider-Man Homecoming! And more self deprication!