Paramount Network: One Year Later

A little over a year ago, Viacom killed Spike TV and replaced it with something less polarizing. Most of its new shows have been cancelled. The ones that remain didn't get the best ratings or reviews. While the Paramount Network isn't exactly performing well, there still might be a strategy somewhere in the muck. Find out what it is only on News Time!

Splitting up comedies and musicals at the Golden Globes!

Hey Golden Globes and Hollywood Foreign Press Association, we've got a suggestion: split up the musical and comedy categories. It's been 60+ years with this mess. But there are so many more sad musicals than funny ones. It's high time B-level comedies had their chance to shine above A-list musicals! Why should this be done? Find out on News Time, dummy!

Bloopie Special 2018 Edition Part 2!

Enter the New Year with last year's biggest mess ups. Join Chad as he flubs, sings and dad dances his way to the bottom of the barrel. Sit down with your loved ones and enjoy all the mess ups from this year's News Times. Only this's part two-ier!