The tax incentive...implication!

“Now you've said that word "implication" a couple of times. Wha-what implication?”
-Mac, Always Sunny

IT’S TIME TO GET STEAMY. News Time is going to a place it’s never been before: tax incentives for productions! If you’ve ever wondered how and why shows and movies shoot in areas like Louisiana, southern Georgia and upstate New York, then this is the episode for you. We got definitions. We got examples. We stuff. Ugh! There’s so much in this episode that won’t put you to sleep. GET EXCITED BABY. Tax incentives: only on News Time!

C+ Comedy turns 5!

“Happy birthday, C+ Comedy! You rock my socks!”
- Barack Obama

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WEBSITE! Hello viewer. A lot doesn’t happen in this very special episode of News Time. C+ Comedy turns 5 this week and Chad’s celebrating with another Me on Me interview segment. Here are some of the highlights: We get to hear Ron speak! Chad is late! Facial blurs! And more! Will this pseudo-CBS This Morning interview style video become an internet sensation, propelling News Time and C+ Comedy to new heights? Probably not. Now I’m sad….only on News Time!

The OTHER indie studios to watch out for!

“Am I a man or am I a boy? (Am I a boy?)”

Remember the episode from two weeks ago where Chad covered A24’s rise to indie stardom? Okay, keep that in mind. This week’s episode is about the OTHER indie studi darlings. And there are a few to name - trust me. Focus Features, Fox Searchlight, Blumhouse, Neon and IFC Films/IFC Midnight will all get their due. From as old as the 90’s to as new as 2017, these studios are the ones that made names for themselves with their risky releases and new views on what movies can be. Do you recognize any of these names? You should...your favorite movie came from them! Find out which one only on News Time!