What the heck is going on at [streaming site]?

"I just want to be slapped around!"
-Winston Bishop, "New Girl"

One good aspect about streaming networks is they're changing all the time. They have a lot more leeway when it comes to their operations whereas traditional networks don't. But this can be as much of a hindrance too. New to the Amazon brass, Jennifer Salke is doling out new positions to colleagues left and right. Netflix is fighting with Cannes Film Festival again. And Hulu launches new deals with Spotify and HBO. Catch up on the latest from the big three streamers only on News Time!

Sports streaming options go for the extra point!

"Sportscenter is brought to you by...my ongoing depression. Donna, if you're watching this, please come back." -The ESPN announcer ESPN, Bleacher Report and CBS Sports all have their own brand new streaming services that are ready to give you all the sports you can handle. Or at least some sports you can handle. Each service is crippled by either price or availability or what they offer. But they also have their own highs as well. Which ones are worth the asking price? Go into extra innings only on News Time!

Spotify says FU to the normal IPO process!

"The next ten minutes are commercial free thanks to the following commercial."

Starting tomorrow, shares of Spotify will be sold on the stock market. However, they avoided the traditional initial public offering (IPO) process in favor of a direct public offering (DPO). All those fancy words mean is they're allowing private shares to be sold directly to the public rather than going through underwriters who will shepherd the process (including setting the initial price, finding the best security to sell, and the amount of shares to bring to market) for a big fee. There are caveats though. Prices of stocks will vary wildly because there is no agreed upon price. And some other stuff too. Find out what they are only on News Time!