Atom vs Fandango vs MoviePass: The Battle for your Tickets!

"Buy tickets to see my movies please guys thanks I love you!"
-The Rock

There are so many ticketing services out now. Like, so many. But there are only a handful that are making an impact. The first is Fandango. It's been around for almost two decades but the service is aging. Then there's Atom - an up and comer that leans on the social aspect of theater going. And finally we have MoviePass, the most troublesome of the bunch. All three have something to offer for moviegoers. How much of their flaws can you put up with? Find out only on News Time!

E3 makes major mula for LA!

"Guys, Kingdom Hearts III for real is coming out soon. Please believe."
-Square Enix, 2006

The Electronic Entertainment Expo brings more than just a few new games into the world. It also introduces a huge influx of cash into Los Angeles County. But what happens when the venue for the storied confab isn't able to satisfy the ever growing show? News Time covers the revenue that E3 brings to LA and the trouble that sometimes accompanies it. Plus, monetary benefits of the non-gaming elements from the gaming-centric show. Level up only on News Time!

The Morning Show Ratings Showdown

“Good Morning, Vietnam!”
-Robin Williams

NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning are duking it out for ratings. The former two are leading the pack while CBS’s offering is fighting another fight for hard news. But NBC’s once powerful leader loses viewers day after day. And ABC’s younger, sleeker series is looking to take that number one spot. What does each of these shows offer that the others don’t? How will they capture and retain their viewerships? Is it possible to retain a balanced news and entertainment relationship? Find out only on News Time!