Episode 92 - The Life Moves So Fast

A whole slew of news chewed its way into the zeitgeist this week. Chad dissects them all one by one by one by one by- you get the picture. Topics include the HULU and NETFLIX FYRE FESTIVAL documentaries that made their way onto the services within a few days of each other; streaming becoming just as pricey as cable; NBCUNIVERSAL heavily hinting about their upcoming streaming service; CBS FILMS disbanding and a focus on streaming; VIACOM laying off PARAMOUNT NETWORK staffers; and VICELAND's new two hour variety show and how it's a last hurrah for the network.

CBS Films folding, focus on streaming

NBCU wants "The Office" back from Netflix, aims for streaming service

Streaming is getting pricier than cable

Hulu beats Netflix to punch with Fyre Festival doc

The two Fyre Festival docs review

Viacom lays off staffers

Viceland's new daily 2 hour show

Episode 91 - Before We Get Started

Chad's back in the car for this week's episode. This time, he's parked outside of a coffee shop he just went to. Also there is a dog park. Nevertheless, he persisted. Plus: HULU reaches 25 millions subscribers; ROKU's stock hits new highs (after some lows); and NETFLIX's most watched shows aren't the ones it owns...which means, once the contracts are up, the streamer is going to be in trouble. You're going to be in trouble if you don't listen to this episode, dang it!

Hulu has 25 million subs

Roku stock skyrockets

Netflix doesn't own any of its top streamed shows

Episode 90 - Thank You For Much

Chad begins 2019 by giving the gift of bonus episode of The Constitutionals (or regular episode if he was able to get the last one out on time. He covers so many topics like MICKEY MOUSE becoming part of the public domain; ROKU's streaming service sounding like APPLE's; and NETFLIX no longer selling subscriptions via iTUNES. Plus way more. Too much more? Yeah, that sounds right. Chad missed doing this show.

Michael Pachter's rant on Disney's streaming service vs Netflix

Matthew Ball's article

Mickey Mouse is now public domain

Roku streaming service to include Showtime, Starz and Epix

Netflix wants viewers to stop the "Bird Box Challenge"

Netflix stops selling subscriptions through iTunes

Episode 89 - A Break, At Some Point

This very late episode of this podcast is also the last of 2018! Listen as Chad shares his favorite new comedy shows, movies, and podcasts from the past year. He's got good taste. He so does! Shut up!

Episode 88 - That's The Whole Joke

With some free time on his hands, Chad sneaks away to see CREED II. He gushes about how good the series is. Plus: YouTube Premium's CHAMPAIGN ILL starring Adam Pally and Sam Richardson is good fun; A BAD MOM'S CHRISTMAS and DADDY'S HOME 2 are straight garbage; and details on CONAN O'BRIEN's new half hour series. Finally, CHANNING DUNGEY is joining Netflix after abruptly leaving ABC as President; FX NETWORKS said about 500 original shows aired in 2018; and there's sexual allegations being thrown in FRANKIE SHAW's corner on the set of the Showtime show SMILF.

Details for Conan O'Brien's new show

Channing Dungey joins Netflix (Is Netflix making up positions?)

500 scripted shows in 2018, not yet peak TV

Trouble on SMILF set