Episode 75 - Easter Sunday Uncle

Chad was an extra on a TV show and he won't shut up about it. But he can't give you the details right now. He watched Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph in FOREVER on Amazon Prime. Plus, BOJACK HORSEMAN is back. He doesn't spend much time on either topic as he moves onto an HBO Exec calls Netflix the Walmart of streaming services; CONAN OBRIEN's LATE NIGHT archive going up next year; and MIKEY DAY, ALEX MOFFAT and MELISSA VILLASENOR getting promoted on Saturday Night Live. He also talks about other stuff he forgot about while writing this description.

Episode 74 - Fast Twitch Stuff

Chad's thinking of changing gyms. He spends what some would describe as too long talking about his latest options. Then he covers the One Music Festival and the noise pollution it created; PAUL MCCARTNEY's new album, EGYPT STATION; discovering GRETA VAN FLEET; the CREATIVE ARTS EMMY winners; GOOD MORNING AMERICA's new afternoon hour; GWYENETH PALTROW's GOOP lying about their vagina eggs; HENRY CAVILL leaving the DC movie universe and why DC doesn't need a connected movie universe in the first place.

Creative Arts Emmy winners

GMA Afternoon show

GOOP lied about vagina eggs

Henry Cavil out as Superman

Episode 73 - To Where The Houses Are

There's so much to talk about this week that Chad didn't write down much to talk about. He tells two stories about run ins with not-so-homeless people; discusses which sitcoms have their characters depicting their jobs the best; how he used to not understand on location shooting; and how he doesn't want to relate to superheroes. Plus some other stuff!

Episode 72 - Murder on the ESPN Morning Show Express

In this week's packed episode, Chad covers DREW MICHAEL's novel new HBO special; how self-congratulatory MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS is; Jimmy Kimmel's response to Megyn Kelly's pointed comments about the Oscars ratings; ESPN retools GET UP and gets rid of JEMELE HILL for good. Plus, more personal stories about Chad's past!

Kimmel on Megyn Kelly

Get Up gets retooled

Jemele Hill and ESPN part ways, "amicable"

Watch EMMA WILLMANN'S Netflix special on THE COMEDY LINEUP out August 31st! And ALLISON RASKIN'S GOSSIP podcast on Stitcher!

Episode 71 - Crazy Rich Klansman

Mere mintues after starting the recording of this episode, Audition crashed. But Chad didn't notice until he finished the episode...40 minutes later. So he immediately sat down and recorded another episode. This is that episode. Following last week's events, Chad went on a tour of Mercedes Benz Stadium; watched "JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE;" praises "CRAZY RICH ASIANS" and "BLACKKKLANSMAN;" criticizes "DISENCHANTMENT;" and decides who the best friend group is out of NEW GIRL, HAPPY ENDINGS, CHEERS and of course FRIENDS. Finally, he covers the cancellations of MICHELLE WOLF and JOEL MCHALE'S Netflix chat shows. Again. For the second time today. Audition is trash.