Episode 83 - Can't Get Enough of that Disney Stuff

Chad is in all types of feels this week as the temperature cools down. Wearing one of his trademark cardigans, he digs into a bunch of topics including: the DETECTIVE PIKACHU trailer and how Ryan Reynolds is 100% miscast as the talking Pikachu; more on E!'s BUSY TONIGHT late night show from BUSY PHILLIPS and how it compares to Netflix's PATRIOT ACT from HASAN MINHAJ; HBO and Sky Atlantic's SALLY4EVER; and DISNEY's plans for HULU when the Fox acquisition is done with.

Detective Pikachu trailer

Disney plans investment in Hulu, more originals

Episode 81 - New Netflix No Nos

Chad met Hank Azaria and no one cares! But he loves The Simpsons so he's bragging about it all over the place. Take that, listeners! Plus: he finally watched MANIFEST and THE FIRST. Turns out they're really good. Chad also covers that film pitch he gave. And he covers Hasan Minhaj's PATRIOT ACT, a fantastic news show on Netflix that he hopes will stick around. Finally, working at Netflix may not be the best.

Episode 80 - mid2018s

Chad's had a busy week so he didn't prepare much for this episode. He worked on the set of an indie film; did some background work on a show and pitched a film. You'll never guess which one he forgets to talk about (hint: it's the last one). But he saw MID90'S for free thanks to a24! And he talks about Netflix cancelling Marvel shows even though he doesn't watch them.