Episode 58 - With The Help?!

Chad talks about the movies he watched while he was in California. These include "Paddington 2;" "Last Flag Flying;" "Don Verdean;" and "47 Meters Down." Then he talks about Melissa McCarthy's acting in "Life of the Party." And he spends time with Courtney Barnett's lovely, wonderful new album. Finally, he gets on Mitch Hurwitz's and 20th Century Fox's greediness in regards to the newly recut "Arrested Development" episodes.

Episode 57 - San Francisco Sunday, (Bad) Bloody, San Francisco Sunday

Chad is fresh back from his trip to San Jose and boy does he have stories to tell. But a half hour show can't possibly hold all of it so he only recalls the set lists of not one but TWO concerts he attended. You read that right; Chad went to see Taylor Swift and U2! Live! Just hurry up and listen to this, dummies!

Episode 55 - That Being Said/The One with the Addendum

Audition crashed on Chad AGAIN and ruined the episode's audio. It's still kind of listenable if you can tolerate a lot of distortion. As a special gift, Chad included his full 2016 interview with comedian/actor/Sirius XM personality Emma Willman. He also talks more about "I Feel Pretty;" Netflix's new "Boss Baby" show; NBC's "Champions;" Fox's "LA to Vegas;" Janelle Monae's new album; finally getting into music videos; his first Kanye and TI albums; and packing for his trip to California.

Episode 54 - Fat Monica Geller

Adobe Audition is still crashing on Chad and he had to rerecord the intro, like, two times. Get it together, Adobe! Chad discusses an article from The Atlantic writer Megan Garber called "When Beauty is a Troll" that discusses why Amy Schumer's "I Feel Pretty" was a misfire (and how it makes the same mistakes that Fat Monica Geller did on "Friends); the Amazon movie "Landline;" the excellent PS4 game "God of War;" and beating "Firewatch."