Episode 105 - Queens 99

Chad's cool two-parter ends with the feature stories he's been holding onto for two weeks!

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Joke Theft and F-Jerry:


YouTube TV Price Hike:



Pricing and details: https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/disney-plus-streaming-launch-date-pricing-1203187007/

Bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu: https://www.thewrap.com/members/2019/04/11/disney-will-likely-offer-hulu-disney-espn-bundle-for-discounted-rate/

Ad free: https://www.thewrap.com/members/2019/04/11/disney-will-be-ad-free-just-like-netflix/

The Simpsons heading there: https://deadline.com/2019/04/the-simpsons-disney-in-exclusive-svod-deal-1202594446/

Episode 104 - I Wish I Was Kidding

Chad returns after two weeks to give you two new episodes! This is part one of two that he recorded back to back.

First run movies in-home for $3,000:


Digital music bad for the environment:


Ron Funches’s take on Netflix specials:


Hasan Minhaj is doing more investigative journalism with “Patriot Act:”


FX gets off network rights to Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers:


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Lionsgate deal is bad news for their Sony shows:


Episode 103 - Sitcom Comedy

It’s a sad week for series finales and Chad is living in his feelings. Both YOU’RE THE WORST and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND are leaving the airwaves for good. Meanwhile, JORDAN PEELE brings his new TWILIGHT ZONE to CBS ALL ACCESS and it’s passable but a slog. Then, Chad covers ONE DAY AT A TIME possibly getting revived on another streaming network; the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE saving Netflix from the Oscars; and the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA’s fight against their agents.

Stephen Falk interview with The AV Club

One Day At A Time could go to CBS All Access

YouTube knew about toxic videos, didn’t allow reporting

DOJ steps in to protect Netflix from Oscars

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air - The Writers Guild of America Fight With Travon Free

Scriptnotes - Twenty Questions About the Agency Agreement

Episode 102 - The Apple Cartel

Podcasting never felt so good. Except for all the sniffles. Chad is stung up by spring allergies but not even a stuffy nose can stop him. Except when it hinders his sleep. Then he's stopped. This week's topics include the TONIGHT SHOW shooting an entire episode with the Samsung Galaxy S10+; YOUTUBE exiting the premium TV game; and a lengthy discussion about APPLE's foray into subscription streaming, news and gaming services. Also, neti pots don't work. I hate them.

Entire episode of Tonight Show shot with Samsung S10

All new Apple services (News+, TV+)

Apple News+ is a bad deal for publishers

YouTube makes up 40% of mobile web traffic

YouTube officially out of streaming

Episode 101 - One Cancellation at a Time

Fresh off of finally doing some work on a set, Chad takes to the mic to discuss topics no one cares about. These include HULU's PEN15 and SHRILL -- two obscenely funny shows about women working their way to power. One is about two 30 year olds playing teenage versions of themselves while the other is about a fat female writer struggling to fit in to a skinny world. Also on the docket: GOOGLE FIBER bowing out of a city it started in; LILY SINGH getting a late night show on NBC; SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE being accused of stealing two sketches; NETFLIX cancelling the greatest show on the platform -- ONE DAY AT A TIME -- and the reason behind all of the recent cancellations of shows with three seasons. Boy, is it a doozy.

The bad side of Google Fiber and abandoned projects

Lily Singh taking Carson Daly’s time slot

SNL accused of stealing two sketches from NY comedy team

“One Day At A Time” canceled

The reason Netflix cancels shows