Will Arnett Sells Parenting Comedy To CBS, Still Not Cancelled Yet

Will Arnett is a busy, busy guy. Only two months after starting his production company Electric Avenue, the comedic actor has sold his first comedy to CBS. Deadline reports that the show is based on Johanna Stein’s book How Not To Calm A Child On A Plane. The show is going to center on "a pair of unconventional parents trying to raise their child according to their own rules, not the rules imposed upon them by society at large."

Stein's book was published earlier this year. It features autobiographical essays that recount the her experiences as a first-time mother. The pilot will be written by Stein herself but probably not in MLA format. Maybe APA. No promises. She will be joined by Suburgatory's Adam Barr. Arnett and Barr are among the show's executive producers.

Arnett is coming off of a Netflix high at the moment due to his success with the show BoJack Horseman. Hopefully, that show bodes well for him too.