Netflix Is Riding On A New "Magic School Bus"

 Concept courtesy of Scholastic Media

Concept courtesy of Scholastic Media

"Surfin' on the soundwaves, then you're swingin' through the stars. Take a left at your intestine, 
Take your second right past Mars"

New York Times reports that streaming giant Netflix is making an updated series based on Scholastic's children's educational science show The Magic School Bus (1994-1997). The new show is going to be CGI animated and titled The Magic School Bus 360. Netflix is aiming for an air date of 2016. There are plans for the show to contain 26 half hour streaming episodes. 

Scholastic Media president Deborah Forte says the show will have a more modernized Ms. Frizzle and will make use of new scientific tools including robots and a "smart suit" that Carlos wears "that determines his body's vital signs instantly."

Hopefully, the newest Magic School Bus will have butterfly doors and blast One Direction.