The prank greeting card is getting a whole bunch of sequels

Months ago, I wrote about "World's Biggest Jerk" Travis Peterson and his group as they launched a Kickstarter about prank birthday cards that won't stop playing until the three hour time limit is up or the cards are destroyed. That one succeeded with its non-goal to mess with people and now, Peterson is back with an entire battalion of prank cards. Five new cards have been added including one that I will purchase for personal use: a thank you card that plays the theme song from Golden Girls. It's so perfect.

So here's the kicker, the project is super popular and thus already completely backed its $10,000 goal. However, you are still encouraged to support it. There are loads of new cards from an I'm Sorry card that plays "I'm Sorry" to a Baby Shower card that features the dulcet tones of a crying baby. Rewards include getting various amounts of cards.

Check out the Kickstarter video below that informs as well as entertains.