Nicki Minaj and Heems are both making autobiographical TV shows

Autobiographies are all the rage right now. From Fresh Off The Boat to The Gaffigan Show ( albeit less so that the former), shows about a real person's life are gaining steam in the cultural zeitgeist as of late. Now, two of America's biggest rappers are joining the fray.

NIcki Minaj is going to ABC Family in order to create and appear in her own comedy series. You read that right: Nicki Minaj is making and staring in a TV show. Deadline has the scoop writing that the show will follow the Queens rapper's early childhood. A pilot is set to film this winter and it has the intention to go to series. The synopsis is as such: “growing up in Queens in the 1990s with her vibrant immigrant family and the personal and musical evolution that lead to her eventual rise to stardom.” The Bernie Mac Show and Will & Grace producer Kate Angelo is set to write the series with Minaj as the executive producer.

But don't count Minaj as the only Queens born rapper with their own series. Himanshu Kumar Suri, known as Heems to rap fans, has a script commitment over at Fox. Titled Eat Pray Thug, the series follows "a successful rapper who chooses to live with his Indian-American parents in Queens." Pitch Perfect 2's Utkarsh Ambudkar will star as well as co-produce with Fresh Off The Boat co-executive producer Sanjay Shah. and Heems himself.