Kevin Spacey evades being cat-tured in new movie trailer about a man turned into a cat

Not to be outdone by the Key & Peele guys, President Kevin Spacey is also making a cat movie. His is different, though, as he'll be turned into a cat rather than saving one. The trailer for Nine Lives features all the things we've come to know about cat movies. Spaceycat falls from a high building onto an awning, he evades Jennifer Garner and he tries to connect with his kids. Oddly enough, Nine Lives was meant to release the same day as the other catender of 2016, Keanu, on April 29th in a smaller, house friendly version of the Batman V. Superman and Civil War debate. However, with fear of catfusion, the movie's release date has been pushed back August 5th so the Cinematic Cativerse wouldn't be too saturated.