Fox is making Rob Rosell and David Hornsby's 'The Bastard', a family comedy

For the foreseen future, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Seasons are short and shooting probably only takes a month if not three. But that means the actors and crew are employed by the network for a short time. That's why Charlie Day can go do movies, Glenn Howerton can make his own movie, Rob McElhenney can do the Minecraft movie, and Kaitlin Olson can make a Fox show. Producers Rob Rosell and David Hornsby are always on the move themselves.

Deadline reports that the two are set to take up a Fox show of their own called The Bastard. The show has been given a script commitment to the single camera comedy that follows hotel janitor Warren who suffers from an accident at work. His mom thinks he's dying and reveals to him that he's the bastard son of the rich man who owns the hotel chain. Warren tries to fit into the man's strange family but ultimately finds he's an outcast. 

This is the second show that Rosell and Hornsby have tried their hand at outside of Sunny. The two previously produced the cartoon Unsupervised for the FX network. It was canceled after one season.