Mindy Kaling has two new NBC shows in development at NBC

Today's an age where one of the writers of The Office starts her empire and continues developing television shows even as hers ends its run. The Mindy Project star/creator/writer/producer Mindy Kaling has her hands in two new shows for NBC.

Variety reports the first is untitled and comes from Kaling's Mindy Project co-worker Lang Fisher. The series is said to be about "the dedicated diplomats of a small U.S. embassy in the Caribbean who are suddenly thrown into chaos when an unqualified, ignorant and hard-living oil man is appointed as their new ambassador." Fisher, Kaling, David Miner, and Howard Klein will exective produce.

The second show -- Venice Beach Venture -- is helmed by Matt Warburton, another Mindy Kaling alum. This show is a dual workplace/romcom "set amidst the booming Southern California tech scene, where a brilliant young female engineer faces an exasperating workplace and an arrogant billionaire boss at an elite venture capital firm." Klein and Kaling will both executive produce.