More "Kids in the Hall" (might) be on the way thanks to Lorne Michaels (maybe)

Kids in the Hall is a beloved institution of comedy. Ever since it ended, the group has managed to appear in several projects together. Now, Kevin MacDonald says that Lorne Michaels wants to bring the show back for another run. This comes from an interview with News-Press (via Splitsider). 

“You’re the first guy to know this,” McDonald says. “Last night, before I got on the plane, we got a Kids in the Hall group message to all of us. (Producer) Lorne Michaels wants us to do what Mr. Show did, and do like six episodes of sketches for something like Netflix.

“It’s so at the beginning, we’re not able to even get conference calls together. There’s always one or two of us that are kind of busy. And because we are who we are, there’s always one of us against it.

“But I think, right now, there’s no one against it. … And I’ll try to get it going, because I’m the one who’s supposed to get it going. … It’s super exciting!”