Ed Helms will report "The Fake News" for Comedy Central

Comedy Central is turning into CNN more and more each day with the network giving every comedian alive their own politically based talk show. Ed Helms joins the ranks, although his is less a show and more of a special.

The Fake News with Ted Nelms is a new hour long special in which the host will perform satirical news.The comedian was a correspondent on Jon Stewart's Daily Show for years.

Helms is excited to return to the network: “So thrilled to be returning to Comedy Central after all these years for my new special The Fake News with Ted Nelms. Obviously there are lot of news organizations out there just making up a bunch of crap and calling it news. But unlike those others, we’re doing it better, faker, and stupider. And we’re joking.”

In a press release, Comedy Central said the special will feature news that's made up but closely resembles the real thing. Executive producers include Helms, Mike Falbo and Nelson Walters. Elliott Kalan will serve as head writer and co-executive producer.

The Fake News with Ted Nelms will air on Comedy Central on Wednesday, December 13 at 10:00 p.m.