Fox might want to bring back "King of the Hill," yep

The good days of Fox's Animation Domination block have been long gone for a few years now. While The Simpsons and Family Guy remain in their timeslots, Bob's Burgers airs in spurts and American Dad was sent to a (better) home on cable. Efforts to find good shows to follow the main anchors have been in play for a while with failures like Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life and Bordertown being cycled out in favor of live action hits Last Man on Earth and Brooklyn Nine Nine that one season. 

Now, though, Fox is interested in at least exploring the option to bring back King of the Hill. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden said that there were "preliminary conversations" with creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. 

“We have had preliminary conversations with Greg and Mike,” Walden said. “I would like to explore that [further] with Mike and Greg,” Walden added. “Given what’s going on in the country [under President Trump], I think they have a point of view about how those characters would respond. But it was one meeting. I hope to revisit it.”

Walden was quick to note that both Daniels and Judge “are very busy,” and stressed that the meeting was “a first, exploratory [conversation]…. It’s about finding time [to do it].”

Even thouugh talks are still early, both of the creators are super busy. Daniels is showrunning the TBS show People of Earth and Judge is doing that Silicon Valley show.