Michelle Buteau envisions a new style of late night in podcast form

Hosting a late night show used to be a unique experience. There were only so many that a comedian could take the reins of. Oddly enough, now every person on television has their own - making it hard to stand out among the crowd. For newcomers, it's important to differentiate themselves from the fodder. David Letterman used his rebellious nature to go to the top. Samantha Bee and Robin Thede are the only women (right now) and they're killing it. Guy Branum mixes in a game show to create chaos for his series. Now Michelle Buteau is set to make her late night debut...in podcast form.

Late Night Whenever from WNYC Studios (2 Dope Queens, Sooo Many White Guys, This Podcast Has Fleas) is one part Queens; one part Night Train; one part live show; and one part regular late night program. Except, you know, in podcast form. Host Buteau and her musical sidekick Rob Lewis will take the stage with all the machinations of a late night program like celebrity guests while also leading with their own brand of comedy. Best of all: you can see one of the shows live before they hit your podcast host of choice!

WNYC Studios invites listeners to buy tickets to any of the shows that will be recorded live starting on Tuesday, March 13 and go weekly until May 1. Each episode will be taped at The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. 

Buteau commented on her excitement of the show citing that she's happier for this than for her own wedding: "Between my years of stand-up, hosting, and acting I simply cannot wait to use the tips, tricks, and tools I've learned along the way to host my very own show! The hustle is real, y’all—and we know there could and should be more women hosting late night, which is why I simply heart WNYC Studios for giving me and my freckled face the opportunity to deliver my version of a late night show straight to your cute little earbuds. It's the same kind of joy like when you try on your clothes in the morning and they actually fit."

Check out the trailer of sorts below. The first episode of Late Night Whenever drops on podcast services on April 3.