"Sex Addict Wendell" - Key & Peele Review

Key & Peele
“Sex Addict Wendell”
Season 4, Episode 10

Themes don’t usually run throughout sketch shows. I can’t remember watching MADtv and seeing Stuart connect with Lorraine. In Living Color never focused on one topic. Mr. Show made each sketch flow into one another but it was never traditional. So when Key & Peele’s sketches had a common theme, I was surprised. Now, it wasn’t connected like this current season of South Park or Mad Men, but there was an overarching idea whether it was intentional or not. Each sketch dealt with bodily functions. These ranged from sexual to farts and back to sexual again. I may be reaching for meaning here but I only noticed this by the third sketch. It was fascinating. It’s as if the guys and the writers said “let’s do this just for fun” and they just did it. There have been a few moments this season where that philosophy has been used. The sketch about the crappy action movie hero that snapped necks is one of the first that comes to mind. While the joke writing necessarily might not be funny, the execution is downright interesting.

Take the first sketch that follows Wendell. He has attended a sex addicts meeting with the intent to get laid. Key is the counselor that is facilitating conversation. Wendell is making up a story about his sexual escapades. It’s clear he’s never had sex from his first sentence. He uses the word “sauce” for ejaculate. And I just said “ejaculate.” See? It’s rubbing off on me too!

The next sketch was about Key as a cool math teacher that inevitably loses his cool once troublemaker Peele enters his class. Teacher Key mimics Peele’s previous antics that, coincidentally, involved the latter only miming movements. He never says a word. He only lets his actions speak for him.

Chelsea Peretti cameos in a sketch about a performance art play thing called “Dicknanigans” where the guys get hit in their balls in various clever ways. It’s a weird hipster art movement. I guess I should get with the times. But there are a lot of dick shots in this one. It’s like America’s Funniest Home Videos.

The final sketch took place in 1963 New York. Key and Peele play scat kings (no, not that scat). They sing about each other’s physical appearances. From the beginning, the two hate each other. Another cameo appearance reveals that the two were fighting over a scat queen (again, not that kind of scat) played by Retta.

Should you watch “Sex Addict Wendall?”

By looking at the descriptions for every sketch, I now know that something was done here intentionally. Or unintentionally. But I really do hope all of this was on purpose. How cool would that be? Watch this episode. It’s in the safe territory of good for Key & Peele. There are enough solid jokes here to keep you entertained as you take a journey through the body.