Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted review


Chad White

Girl Uninterrupted

Tig Notaro is something of a marvel. She’s a lesbian who survived cancer and various other diseases only to come out with a solid career, dedicated fans, and the cutest damn smile in the world. Notaro is a mastermind when it comes to standup and this special shows. I have to admit I was afraid the comic would rely on past material like her various sicknesses or an uncharacteristic, hackneyed set list of “I’m a lesbian! I look like a dark haired Ellen!” jokes. These are legitimate concerns as bigger comics have fallen from grace in terms of standup specials. My worries were decimated, however, when Notaro first set foot on stage. Her confident stroll solidified Notaro’s position as one of the coolest comics to ever grace the scene.

Notaro’s bits stayed lighter than her last special, Live, but they did veer into the personal. The crowd was into it too as they laughed and gaffawed as one tends to do at a standup set. Notaro is slow and methodical with her joke delivery, never going for big laughs other comedians risk their jokes for. Her punchlines, as with her attitude, remain cool and collected. Going into her life with her fiancé, Notaro is always careful when telling her tales. She offers up information that would be nice to hear in a bar, giving us a peek into what a day in Notarworld is like.

The crux of the show – and biggest yet spoiled surprise – is the last fifteen minutes where Notaro teases taking her shirt off to reveal her double mastectomy. As she begs the crowd not to cheer (I see what she did there), she takes off her jacket, unbuttons her shirt, and lets loose. It’s great and empowering no matter who you are. The crowd’s loud cheers are an indication of acceptance. Notaro, now shirtless, glows in her confident stride. The room is now being lit by her personality alone.

Should you watch Boyish Girl Interrupted?

Brimming with charm and a sense of being, Notaro owns the stage on which she does her standup. There is so much love in the room from the intimate direction to the comfortable demeanor of the comic herself. Boyish Girl Interrupted is a delight for any comedy lover. If Notaro has taught you anything, it’s be yourself and don’t be afraid to laugh at the things that happen to you.