'Roosevelt' - Another Period Review

Chad White

Another Period

Season 2, Episode 5 

"Jinx! You owe me cocaine!" 

Players: Flobelle, Garfield, Hamish, Peepers, Chair, Lillian, Beatrice, Commodore, Frederick, Hortense 

Before I get this review started, I’ve got to mention how good this show is turning out. From the trashy storylines to the active use of the large cast, Another Period is shaping up to be my favorite comedy of the summer. And the quotes from tonight’s episode. My God. It was tough to choose just one for the subhead.  

“Roosevelt” has the future president looking for a potential running mate instead of William Howard Taft, both of whom visited the Bellacourt mansion. The visit comes at an inopportune moment as Flobelle -- who is finally getting a starring role -- stages a strike amongst the working staff. "How dare you utter the 's' word in this kitchen you ungrateful piece of shit!" Peepers screams. Garfield is against the whole situation but strikes out of force: "My body may be striking but my heart will be working!" Peepers is staunchly against it and is tasked by Commodore with taking up everyone’s duties. This is the first time in a few episodes (maybe even since last season) that storylines have intersected. As such, “Roosevelt” plays out as a defining plot that makes up a great installment of Another Period. 

Though Flobelle is given the initial push, her character falls into the background as Commodore’s eagerness to get Fredrick into the White House takes the A-story. For the first two acts, Commodore is forced to pour drinks (he doesn’t know how the glass brandy bottle works) and cater to his guests’ whims. He looks like a fool, and rightly so, as he struggles his way around the mansion. Hortense is similarly treated like Flobelle as she tries to talk feminism with Eleanor Roosevelt (June Diane Raphael), who is interested in nothing more than a lesbian relationship with Beatrice. The catalyst for their quick relationship is a mutual liking of each other’s...lips: "Those are some of the most beautiful facial lips I've ever seen." 

Lillian tries to court Roosevelt’s nephew, Franklin. It’s not going so well until they find a mutual attraction to each other due to their terrible ways. In short, they’re both assholes who bond over hatred of Chair. Another great line tonight comes post joint attack (see subhead), saying it in unison. In an D or an F story, Hamish decides to take Garfield under his wing to teach him how to be a real man. And even Roosevelt himself has a fantastic line: "I do enjoy a good boner." 

Should you watch “Roosevelt?”

If my words above weren’t any indication, tonight’s Another Period was top notch. It was as frenetic as we’ve come to expect an episode to be, dealt with a huge number of its cast in a professional way and even had the added bonus of being one of the best written of the series.