Girls’ Relationship With Christ Really Getting In The Way Of Her Relationship With Steve

Chad White, It’s All Jokes Until Somebody Gets Crucified

ATLANTA, GA - Local Georgia Tech student Becca Butler is in a real Pontius pickle after she confesses her love for Middle Eastern heart throb, Jesus Christ.

“He’s just such a virtuous man. I want to spend my entire waking life walking with him” said Butler as she pretended to grab the hand of Christ.

 Just look at this guy! He's a catch!

Just look at this guy! He's a catch!

Butler only recently became a follower of Christianity after seeing the famous painting, “The Entombment of Christ.” She saw how muscular and defined our lord and savior was and instantly fell in love.

“It’s not just about his body. He’s such a handsome guy. And well spoken” said Butler. “Have you ever heard what he says in that book which happens the bestselling book of all time?”

The only problem is that Butler has been in a eight month relationship with her current boyfriend Steve Zucher. The two met at a Halloween party the year prior and, by chance, took Intro to Applied Sociological Physics of Theater together.

“This is some bull crap,” said Zucher, “I’ve given her everything and she just cheats on me like that.”

When we explained to Zucher what religion was, he didn’t completely understand.

“You’re telling me she goes to a big building weekly to see this “Jesus” guy? She could see me every day!” said Zucher.

Jesus was not around for commenting at press time.