IFC decides to check things off of 'Gigi's Bucket List'

David Krumholtz is getting a show on IFC with the newly greenlighted seriesGigi's Bucket List

“David has done an incredible job of inhabiting this relatable bubbe character,” said IFC president Jennifer Caserta. “I hope to emulate Gigi’s unfiltered honesty and wreckless ambition when conquering my own bucket list some day.”

The story follows Gigi after her husband passes. She decides to change her life up after discovering an previously unknown bank account in the will. Millions of dollars are now at her disposal as she takes her wit on a journey of living out her fantasies: "Gigi (Krumholtz) will live life to its fullest and fastest while ignoring doctor’s orders and turning the stigmas of aging on their head. She will travel to rock festivals and explore new technologies like online dating, with her trusty male nurse sidekick played by Ricky Mabe along for the ride." 

Gigi's sounds like Golden Girls with hints of My Name is Earl. That doesn't sound too bad.