The Onion also has a celebrity gossip site called 'StarWipe'

First they were a satirical newspaper. Then they created a parody of Buzzfeed called ClickHole. Next was a take on VICE with EDGEtv. Now, The Onion is taking on TMZ with StarWipe, its new gossip site. The site proves to “stand out amongst the throng of shallow-minded, insolent, Hollywood-obsessed reporting” by being just like the sites it mocks. Interestingly enough StarWipe reads more like a reference piece than a satire. Articles link to real websites and other publications indicating a more tongue in cheek aesthetic than a parodic website. "Pink Opens Up About Eating Meat Again And, By God, We’re Going To Squeeze 400 Words Out Of It" is just an example of the type of humor one is bound to see when perusing the StarWipe. The Onion's other ventures are very popular so there's hope for this one too.