Vimeo wants to help female directors, starts by releasing Aidy Bryant led film

There's a strange phenomenon going on in the weird world of Hollywood. White men are getting less and less noticed in favor of young minorities and women. Sure there is still a huge, HUGE divide but, slowly, the business is equaling out. According to Variety, Vimeo wants to shorten that divide considerably. The artsy streaming service is backing a new program that aims to foster and educate female directors as well as finance their projects. "Share the Screen" as it's called will bring about at least five new movies with female led voices in 2016 alone.

The first movie is called Darby Forever and stars one of SNL's current funniest cast members, Aidy Bryant. The trailer was released today and the movie features Bryant, Natasha Lyonne and Retta. Bryant's Darby works as a fabric shop girl who is more into daydreaming than dealing with customers and she also longs for the love of the delivery man, Nick. Vimeo plans on releasing Darby Forever on Thursday, February 18.