Adult Swim has two more animated shows that will probably be just as weird as their current animated shows

Adult Swim is that friend that is super funny but likes to get equally dark. "The line" doesn't exist in their world. Better yet, they're the only comedy network to air specials revolving around bears. BEARS. That's pretty damn cool. This year they'll add two more quarter hour shows to their timeline.

The first is Apollo Gauntlet which follows a cop named Paul Cassidy who, thanks to evil Dr. Benign, is sent to another world where he fights crime with a talking pair of gauntlets and a magical suit. Apollo Gauntlet will premiere in the summer. The second show -- Hot Streets -- comes from writer Bryan Wysol (Rick and Morty) and follows an FBI agent named Mark Branski as he investigates his partner and her niece and dog. Hot Streets will debut in the fall.