Ben & Jerry Is Releasing Two Of Their Many SNL-Inspired Flavors

Ben & Jerry are two cats who know their priorities: ice cream and improv. Last week, the creamy conglomerate announced that they would be launching a few flavors of based on Saturday Night Live sketches. With over 40 years of sketches and probably like a billion ice cream flavors, there are so many combinations that the company could use. 

Whelp. The first sketch they decided to go with was the Kristin Wiig recurring character Gilly. Dubbed "Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch," the flavor comes with a marshmallow swirl that imposes itself between chocolate and vanilla ice cream that is loaded with caramel clusters and fudge covered almonds.

The other flavor they decided to go with is the SNL Digital Short/Lonely Island song "Lazy Sunday." It will be vanilla cake batter ice cream mixed with yellow and chocolate cupcake pieces and a swirl of chocolate frosting. That sounds way too appetizing for diabetics. Two other flavors are expected later this year. Here's hoping for a Really?!?! Weekend Update or What's Up With That flavor.