Chris Hardwick's '@midnight' Is Getting 40 More Weeks Worth Of Shows In 2015

Whether or not you call it a season or something else, @midnight is getting way more opportunities to be funny. And I get another chance to get onto the show. Host, creator and Nerdist president Chris Hardwick made the announcement so nonchalantly during an appearance on Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night. The series features three comedians all vying for their chance to say they are "the funniest person for the next 23 1/2 hours." Popular games include #HastagWars and Rapid Refresh.

According to THR, the show will run for 40 weeks next year. Hardwick is thankful that Comedy Central is allowing the show to continue.

"@midnight has been an absolute dream come true for me — a game show of Internet jokes with my comedian friends," Hardwick said. "I cannot thank Comedy Central enough for letting us continue. If they hadn't, you can damn well bet that I would have forced people to come over to my house to play it anyway, for no audience, so everyone is thankful we dodged that bullet."

Hardwick also has two other shows in development. One is called Sleight of Mouth which will focus on comedian/magician Justin Willman. Then he has another pilot for AMC that focuses on a web series to TV adaptation of All-Star Celebrity Bowling. Hardwick can't be stopped!