Kulap Vilaysack Needs Your Help Funding Her 'Origin Story'

What if you didn't know who your real parents were? How would that affect your life? Would you search for them or let that thought sit in the back of your mind? 

Comedian and podcaster Kulap Vilaysack is answering those very questions with her new documentary Origin Story. Not to go into specifics, the story is that Kulap found out her father wasn't her biological father and now she's searching for her real dad. The trailer, posted below, is endearing and insightful with the comedian doing everything she can to find the man she never knew. 

Origin Story is being produced through crowdfunding. The documentary will take viewers from California to Minnesota all the way to Laos. Interviewees include Sarah Silverman, Casey Wilson, and June Diane Raphael.

Of course there are perks that come with donating to this campaign. Gifts range from a set visit to Always Sunny In Philadelphia (with lunch!) to a guest spot on Comedy Bang Bang! (the podcast or show depending on how much you give). I've already missed the boat on having Casey Wilson life coach me. Damn it.

Many of you may know her as the wife of fellow podcaster Scott Aukerman. Vilaysack stands as one of the funniest in the business. She has her own podcast that she cohosts with Howard Kremer called Who Charted? She has had various appearances on many shows including Happy EndingsThe Hotwives of Orlando, and Reno 911.

Be sure to head over to Indiegogo and donate what you can.