VOTW: 'Roommates,' fashionable Donald Trump, Nerdist 'Goosebumps' music video & more!

Let's Make Donald Trumps Outfit Great Again - Internet Action Force

Just as Donald Trump is trying to make America great again, the Internet Action Force is trying to make our future president somewhat fashion savvy. Anna Callegari, Sharron Paul and Walter Replogle take the week's biggest political figures and tear down their clothing choices, figuratively of course. 

"Construction Guy" - Roommates

Roommates can be real nightmares at some points. When there's an age difference, there can be even more headbutting. That doesn't stop Greg Barris and Bridey Elliot from being friends though. The two work together to get through life in the East Village. Check out the first episode of this new series are they examine boundaries. 

Unemployable - Hannibal Buress

A long time ago in the year 2014, Comedy Central commissioned a pilot from Hannibal Buress called Unemployable in which the comedian would go through Dirty Jobs-esque situations. Buress recently released the pilot -- the only thing ever shot -- to the series this week. No specifics were given as to why it was shelved but Buress is pretty set already. He just finished the first season of his current Comedy Central show Why? a few months ago. The pilot for Unemployable uses a mix of voice over, standup introductions and documentary elements. 

Honorable Mentions:

Hack into Broad City

Bumps Gonna Goose Ya! - Nerdist, Jack Black