VOTW: Confederate Flags, Bernie Sanders and Hannibal Buress

 Kalvin's Konfederate Flag Kavalcade

Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler are super topical in this week's video of the week! Getting rid of confederate flags is all the rage at the moment. In a send up of local commercials, Kalvin decides it's the right time to empty his stock and pass the saving on to you. 


Bernie Sanders is Not Boring

James Adomian breaks out his on point Bernie Sanders impression once again for Funny Or Die. Sanders must prove to voters that he's not boring. He skateboards, does drugs and attends parties as a sign of coolness. 


Hannibal Buress Speakeasy Interview

Paul F. Tompkins sits down to enjoy a drink with the great Hannibal Buress. The two talk about Buress becoming an action hero as well as his rise to fame. 

And Now, a Trailer for David Cross' 'Hits'

David "Blue Man" Cross directed his first film that premiered at Sundance way back in the yonder years of 2013. Hits stars Matt Walsh as a father that has an outburst in his New York town and it goes public on Youtube. He gets famous yada yada yada. The film also stars Amy Sedaris, James Adomian, Derek Waters, Wyatt Cenac among others. Although the film has no release date yet, you can bet on the movie being pretty good. Cross is a stickler for the good stuff as we all know.