Episode 98 - Periods R Good

As Dr. Dre once rapped, Chad has "been in the lab with a pen and a pad!" Except everything said on this show is completely made up! Not the news parts, those are real. Chad skims over the OSCARS and mostly craps on "Green Book;" DESUS & MERO's new Showtime show (also titled "Desus & Mero" like their Viceland show); high priced APPLE recognizing its high prices; and working as a mom in the broadcast news!

Oscars winners

Apple COO recognizes Apple’s high prices

Being a mom in television news

Baby Reporters

Episode 97 - Daddy Bezos

Big things are happening and Chad's back recording in the car. Only one of those is true. Do you like movies? Because this whole episode is about movies. Most of it any way. Our boy covers the whole, terrible JUSSIE SMOLLETT situation; the ACADEMY's tumultuous road through the 2019 award season; and how head of AMAZON STUDIOS JENNIFER SALKE plans on making the video service number one.

Jussie Smollett timeline

The Academy says it will air all of the awards

Academy drops non-famous people

Jennifer Salke's plans for Amazon vs Netflix

Amazon's Sundance deals

Episode 93 - Dark Pheenus

Not even rain or being forced to record in the car (again) can stop this bad boy of podcasting! Chad returns to the mic to discuss a litany of topics including what will happen to THE SIMPSONS after the DISNEY/FOX merger and all those OSCAR nominations. Plus, Chad tries to avoid eye contact with the large amount of people that walk by his car as he talks to himself. What else is new?!

The Simpsons post- Disney/Fox Merger

Lee Unkrich leaving Pixar

New Mutants movie delayed again, might go to Hulu

Steven Soderbergh's next movie for Netflix

Oscar nominations

Nominations by studio